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Although the title of this article suggests you need some antivirus for your homelab, in reality you need something more robust if you plan to allow your homelab to do anything on the internet other than connect to your favourite vendor sites. You need a threat management / threat protection solution.


The following are a number of free commercial-grade threat management solutions from Enterprise vendors which have been tested by the community, listed by category:

Free Security Software and Appliances
Category Vendor Product & Link Notes
UTM Sophos UTM Home Edition Free for up to 50 IPs on your network. Can run as a VM appliance or native physical.
Client AV Sophos Sophos Home Edition (Win/OSX) Free for PCs and Macs
Client AV Sophos Sophos for Linux Free for Linux
Firewall Sophos Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition Includes anti-malware, web security and URL filtering, application control, IPS, traffic shaping, VPN, reporting and monitoring!
Firewall pfsense pfsense Firewall Lightweight, free and open source firewall based on FreeBSD with a host of plugins and great community support. Runs well as a virtual appliance, or on low end hardware