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There are a multitude of storage software options available, some of which are open source solutions designed specifically for small storage platforms, and others are simply free versions or even simulators of full vendor products.

Storage Software

Storage Software
Type Block File Object Vendor Software Name & External Link Limits Notes Detail
Open Source FreeNAS FreeNAS More
Open Source Openfiler Openfiler More
Simulator NetApp Data ONTAP simulator 180GB More
Free Restricted EMC vVNX Non-prod only More
Free Restricted EMC vVNX with VVol support Non-prod only More
Simulator EMC Isilon Simulator Non-prod only More
Free Restricted EMC IsilonSD Edge Non-prod only Not sure if standalone? More
Free Restricted EMC ViPR Non-prod only More
Free Restricted EMC Data Domain VE 0.5TB of replication More
Free Restricted EMC ECS Object storage Non-prod only More
Free Restricted Nexenta NexentaStor Community Edition 18TB RAW limit More
Open Source Ceph Ceph Also provides proprietary POSIX file and block storage More
Open Source Astersmith, LLC ESOS More
Licensed Microsoft Windows File Services
& Storage Spaces
Can provide iSCSI target, SMB or NFS (up to 4.1)
Included with Windows Standard
Free if you use 180 day trial
XPEnology XPEnology Allows you to run the Synology DSM OS on almost any other hardware! More
HCI / Hyperconverged and Virtual SAN solutions
Free Restricted EMC ScaleIO Non-prod only More
Free Restricted StarWind Virtual SAN® Free Minimum of 2 nodes required More
Free Restricted HPE StorVirtual VSA 1TB Requires that you have bought an Intel Xeon CPU, but from any vendor More
Licensed VMware VSAN Included in VMware's EVALExperience offer More