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Welcome to the Open Homelab project!

We are here to help you spend less time deciding, and more time labbing and learning! To find out more about the project, please visit our About page.

Site is currently in ALPHA status, so please bear with us if there are any issues (e.g. performance etc). Report any bugs either via Twitter, Slack, or via the Open Homelab Bug Tracker page.

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Our main Twitter account is @OpenHomelab, so make sure you follow for any major announcements.

Get Involved!

  • The site was founded on the concept of crowdsourcing, so help us populate site content! If you want to get involved, find out how easy it is to do so, look here: Get Involved!
  • We are looking for a replacement for our temporary logo! Please submit your ideas by uploading them to our Logo Gallery

Latest News

Brainstorming and Content Tracking

A few key pages on the alpha site are:
  • While the site is still under initial Alpha / under construction, the main brainstorming tracker page can be found here: Brainstorming
  • We can work on updating the main article template here: Article Template
  • Some basics on getting started with editing Wiki content are here: Beginners Guide to Wiki Editing

Some example articles for inspiration and ideas are here:

First Time on the Site?

So there's all this amazing community content, but where do you start?! We suggest you start by:

Once you'e done all that, don't be afraid to Get Involved and write about your experiences and recommendations!!!

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