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WAF/WTF can be improved dramatically by demonstrating a benifit to your lab. For example if she needs relief from a stressful job, installing something like a BZFlag server so she can blow stuff up is a benefit. Installing something like a Plex media server is a benefit to both of you, especially if she has a large collection of fitness DVDs that can be made easily accessible on the telly. And it becomes very cool when you can demonstrate that you vMotioned it while she was playing / working out - and she didn't notice.

These can take the form of small vms (I use CentOS minimal install), that can also be used for 'stress-testing' your system by having multiple users simultaneously hammering the applications, and you can try out new and exciting configurations, snapshotting the ones that work. Its actually useful for me measuring the effect on the network and the impact, for example - Spotify on my daughters laptop - has on streaming video. And when you work for a company that uses similar video streaming systems - it does actually become very useful.