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Pros and Cons




Use Cases

The use cases for this type of technology are blah blah

Feature History

  • 1st release
  • [...]
  • VSAN 6.2

VSAN Configuration

  • Hybrid
  • All Flash

Implementation type

  • VSAN cluster
  • Stretched Cluster
  • ROBO
  • Single node (unsupported)
  • Nested ?

Sizing Guide


  • VSAN Observer
  • VSAN 6.2 Performance Service
  • vRealize Log Insight
  • Sexigraf

Known Issues and Solutions

This is specifically to detail any issues with the technology being discussed, and how to resolve them. See the Intel NUC page for an example.

  • Disable VSAN Device Monitoring
    • esxcli system settings advanced set -o /LSOM/VSANDeviceMonitoring -i 0
  • Disable VSAN Slow Device Unmounting
    • esxcli system settings advanced set -o /LSOM/lsomSlowDeviceUnmount -i 0

VSAN Homelab HCL

As this is a storage platform where you might end up migrating your homelab production data, keep in mind that by using components not certified by VMware, you can end up in VSAN nightmare. But YMMV.

The official VSAN HCL file is available here. This is a JSON formatted file which is the source of knowledge behind the VSAN Health Check Plugin. This is a good start to finding VSAN compatible hardware, which can be also found on the VMware's official HCL.

Tested and Proven VSAN Homelab SSDs
Form Factor Type Manufacturer Model Capacities Available (GB) Recommended tier On VMware HCL Notes
2.5" SSD Samsung EVO 850 120, 250, 500, 1000, 2000! Capacity ? Great for capacity tier. For caching, using something with better DWPD.
mSATA SSD Intel 525 30,60,120,240 TBC ?
M.2 NVMe Samsung SM951 128 Caching ? Very quick NVMe device!
2.5" SSD Samsung SM863 120,240,480,960,1920 Cache/Capacity Yes Affordable drives which can be found on official HCL.