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* [[SilverStone SG10]]
* [[SilverStone SG10]]
* [[Antec ISK-600m]]
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* Supermicro SC505-203B
* Supermicro SC505-203B

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This section of the site deals with the multitude of options you have available to you when you come to design, procure and build your homelab.

Once you have gathered your requirements, the next step wil most likely to be decide on which category of homelab suits you best, and subsequently you can follow the links below to find out information about your different infrastructure options.


Assuming you don't go for a Cloud Lab, then for your compute layer, you have two very simple options; build or buy.

Much like when procuring a PC, if you choose to buy from a known (or unknown!) vendor, you may be able to get a decent price for the overall solution, though the level of flexibility after you have unwrapped it may be limited. The biggest advantage to building your own is that you can choose every single component which goes into your hosts, individually. This can of course be a pain if you want to make sure you have every component fully supported by your favourite hypervisor and version, but then again with great power comes great complexity! :)

Vendor Style

Here you have three very simple options. Rack mount, Tower, or Small form factor. There is one other bonus option which is Laptop/Notebook, and if you need this, you will most definitely know it (for example SEs and Road Warriors love to carry a demo lab with them at all times!

Popular / Recommended Vendor Servers
Small Form Factor & Barebones PCs Vendor Towers Vendor Rack Servers

Whitebox Servers

AKA Roll your own!

Popular / Recommended Cases
Whitebox Desktop/Tower Cases Small Form Factor Servers Whitebox Rack Cases
  • Supermicro SC505-203B

Lastly, once you know what case size you like, you need to decide what kind of motherboard will fit into it! Here are a few examples which have been tried and tested by the community:

A full list of tested Whitebox Homelab Motherboards is available here:


Intel vs AMD


The main storage category can be found here. Articles include:


Power, Cooling and Noise



The Cloud