Managing your Homelab via Xbox

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XBox One

With the introduction of HTML5-based clients for the ESXi host (and an equivalent vCenter client in the Fling stage) there's no longer the need to restrict your HomeLab management platform to a traditional computer with a flash-compatible browser installed. Ladies and Gentleman, I propose the Xbox One.

Pros and Cons


  • You can manage your Virtual Environment on the big screen from the comfort of your armchair.
  • You have an excuse to get an Xbox if you don't already have one. Or a second one if your current Xbox is tied up by the kids.


  • Some functionality is currently limited- uploading files to datastores for example requires Chrome which isn't available on the XBox One yet.
  • The Management interface can be rendered inaccessible by the presence of children.
  • Sometimes you may get distracted from your HomeLab because you need to escape from the Pillar of Autumn or deal with a zombie outbreak


The Xbox one is available from all major retailers, please check for current local pricing.

Use Cases

The platform is ideal for monitoring ongoing tasks or performing minor management tasks without having to use a traditional computing device.