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If you have any design talents, we are looking for a unique but simple logo for the site. The one we have at the moment is just a placeholder! We would ideally like a few entries from different people and the community can choose their favourite!

Logo entries should:

  • be square
  • have a reasonably "clean" look (not too busy)
  • have relatively few colours (in case we every want to print it on t-shirts, stickers, custom NUC lids, etc)
  • still look good when shrunk to 135px by 135px (as this is the standard size of the logo in MediaWiki

Beyond that, let your imagination run riot! All entries can be uploaded below and once we have a selection, we will have a community vote as to which we will use moving forward!

The current logo is simply a temporary one:


Logo Entries

The following are a selection of the current entries:

OHJR.png OHL Logo.png OHL Logo Square 2.png